Travis Stearns
Art Direction

Light, scale, space, ideas as form, the as & is of iteration, process, context, language, translation, identity, wandering & wondering, dreaming, making, mapping neverland, conquering territories, observations & relationships, unpredictable styles, adapting, responding, mutating and evolving beauty.

Selected Work—Updated 11.2018
Rock the Garden 2018
Branding, Identity, User Interface

Rock the Garden is an annual music festival organized by the Walker Art Center and 89.3 The Current. The proliferation of festivals and festival culture sparked an idea to use the microscopic garden below the feet of festival goers as a representation of the bands and the event itself. Butterflies find sightlines on a bicycle helmet alongside a melting creamsicle mosh pit of ants while a slug swipes across a lost smartphone (who hasn’t lost one of those?) as a dabbing mantis mounts the stage. A number of expressions were created including t-shirts, tickets, badges, signs, social media promotions, giveaways and moving visuals for the screens throughout the event.

Design Direction: Emmett Byrne, Walker Art Center
Motion: Josh Clancy
3D: Josh Clancy

Why Not?, Rare Parasite

An ever growing collection of flyers for monthly dance music events in and around Minneapolis. At times these are the most creative bits I’m able to generate outside of my 9–5 grind.

spac150 v41

One of the first tasks at space150 was concepting and design for the 41st version of the agency’s identity. Looking at the cataclysmic events that unfolded in 2016 from the rise of Trumpism to Pokemon Go, our team begain to see the role of advertising and thereby space150’s role within as a paradoxical dilemma. Today, we’re split between two worlds, merging wide-eyed creativity with digital rigor. We refuse to be pinned into a corner. We respect the past but look to the future. We love the tangible but live through digital. Today is fueled by tension and competing priorities. We are space150. 
A Full Service Global Networked Boutique studio.

Herman Miller

A few illustrations commissioned by Herman Miller  for WHY Magazine. The brand’s archivist  provided a number of fantastic documents and images that proved useful for creating narrative collages to accompany the articles.

The articles are linked here:
︎Mother of Invention
︎Six Eames Designs You Didn’t Know You Didn’t Know
︎Control Freaks

Art Direction: Emily CM Anderson

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A PDF containing further examples of my work is available upon request.